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Wedding venue in the heart of Paris

Let me show you this beautiful wedding venue in the heart of Paris.

wedding venue paris

This historic monument will welcome your wedding  from the majestic reception room to the exhibition areas, the intimate lounges to the garden.

wedding venue in parisstunning wedding venue paris

The building is surrounded by 2 beautiful gardens.

All the rooms are decorated with style:  monumental Louis XIV style fireplace, amazing chandelier, white wallwedding in paris .

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luxury wedding venue in Paris

Let me show you this beautiful and elegant wedding venue in Paris. This hotel has several salons that can welcome up to 140 guests.This wedding venue is the perfect place for a chic Parisian wedding. if you wish to get married in Paris contact us:

hotel reception paris

luxury wedding venue paris

beautiful wedding paris

elegant parisian wedding

Elopement in Paris

Today, I would like to share with you a few pictures of an elopement we organized yesterday.

The ceremony took place in a nice garden in the center of Paris followed by a photo shoot in the city.

At the end of the day, the couple had a delicious dinner in a private salon of en elegant restaurant.

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photos: Cristiano Ostinelli

elope to paris elopement package paris

wedding in pariswedding planner paris

elopement paris elopement-paris elope-paris wedding ceremony-pariselopement paris package


elope in paris elope paris packages elopement paris packages  wedding in france wedding planner elopement paris wedding planner in pariswedding dinner private salonwedding elopement paris

Private garden in Paris for an intimate ceremony

This summer we’re going to celebrate a wedding ceremony in this beautiful place dedicated to the art.

elope paris celebrant

This venue in the heart of Paris is surrounded by  amazing gardens. You can rent the place for one hour if you just want an intimate ceremony or you can also have your reception there .  The garden can welcome a wedding ceremony up to 50 people followed by a dinner.

elopement paris private garden

The beauty of the garden and its central location make this venue the perfect place for your wedding.

elope to paris- celebrant wedding paris

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Elope to Paris

Yesterday, I organized an elopement in Paris for an American couple.

Brock and Holly met each other one year and half ago in Bagdad, they got engaged in Hong Kong and they wanted to have their wedding ceremony in Paris.

elope to paris

The bride preparation started in a chic hotel located near to the Champs Elysées. A driver,  in a Mercedes class E, took the couple to a beautiful garden for their ceremony.

elope to paris elopement to paris

Then Holly and Brock had a photo shoot in Paris with one of the best photographer in Paris. The shooting was followed by a romantic dinner in a gastronomic restaurant with a private room just for the 2 of them.

elopement paris

( The professional pictures are coming soon)

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wedding in paris

A fancy venue for an intimate wedding in Paris

Just off the Champs-Elysees and steps from the Arc de Triomphe, this wedding venue is perfectly situated . Housed in a seven-story palace that was built in 1925, the hotel preserved such original details as six-foot-tall windows and large armoires.

intimate wedding paris

The hotel’s rooftop restaurant, is beautifully planted and overlooks the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower. Sip a favorite cocktail while enjoying magnificent 360-degree panoramic views over Paris.

There are 6 dining rooms which can welcome from 6 to 80 people. We can set up a ceremony in one of the room then have dinner in a second room.

intimate  dinner elopement paris

intimate wedding dinner paris

If you prefer an intimate wedding just for the two of you,  we can set up a private dinner in your suite.

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wedding in paris

Wedding in the heart of Paris

Last year we organized a beautiful wedding in Paris for an English couple.

The wedding took place in a stunning wedding venue located in the heart of Paris (close to the Eiffel Tower).   The guests were staying in Paris and a bus drove them to the wedding venue.

wedding in paris

This mansion  reserves its splendour for events and offers charm, prestige and modern amenities. There are 6 dining room.  All of them are appropriated for any kind of event, indeed each of them can be fully adjusted to suit your needs and they offer a nice view  ( either of the Eiffel Tower or the private garden ).

intimate wedding in paris

The dining room decoration  is already very  beautiful so the bride asked for a very simple but elegant white flowers decoration with a lot of candles and purple light. The florist did it pretty well.  You can see some pictures below.

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wedding in paris

Basic package for eloping to Paris

We created our elopement service due to increasing demand for small weddings. Having a wedding for two allows fantastic possibilities for a romantic and intimate ceremony in a beautiful setting.

If you wish to marry or renew your vows in Paris we have created this new package. It includes the following:

– A lovely garden in Paris ( we’ll give you a list of different public places in Paris where you can have your ceremony)

vow renewal paris elopement paris

– Your  ceremony with an English-speaking celebrant reading a personalised  text

– A bridal bouquet and buttonhole

elope to paris - vow renewal paris

– Restaurant booking

-Planning and coordination of the wedding day

We also propose tailor made services. If you’re planning to elope/renew your vows in Paris  and want further information about our packages, contacts us at  and check out ourelopement  paris packages

Elopement in Paris

At the end of April, we’ll  start our  wedding season  with 2  elopements and one vow renewal in Paris.

The first couple is from New-York;  For their ceremony, they chose a romantic public garden in the heart of Paris (picture below).  vow renewal paris

The ceremony will be followed by a gastronomic dinner in this 2 starred restaurant:

Sans titre

The second couple is from New  Zealand.  They asked their best friend, who lives in Paris, to celebrate their ceremony. For the event,they rented a house in Paris with a private garden.  In the evening, a chef will prepare them a gourmet dinner. The property has a vineyard, so the day before or after the ceremony, you can have a visit and  a wine tasting.

elope to paris elopement to paris

elope in paris

The third couple comes from London. The bride is Indian and the groom English. They are married for 5 years and have 2 lovely girls. The couple will be in Paris for a few days and the bride wants to surprise his husband with a vow renewal ceremony.  The ceremony will take place in a beautiful private garden in Paris. It will be followed by a photo shoot in Paris, then a romantic dinner in a chic restaurant with private salons just for 2 people.elope to paris

gastronomic restaurant elopement paris

If you’re planning to elope or renew your vows in Paris, feel free to contact us at (wedding planner Paris ). We’ll be delighted to help you. Many couples need help in finding a suitable wedding venue to marry .  And because a lot of our clients are foreigners, they need help in crossing the language and administrative barriers.

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wedding in paris

An elegant wedding venue in the heart of Paris

Discover this beautiful wedding venue located in the heart of Paris.

There are 5 different reception room very elegant and well decorated.

wedding in paris wedding venue in paris

The ceremony can take place on the grand stairway .

wedding planner in paris

For your wedding dinner,  the chef will prepare a gastronomic French dinner.

If you wish to get married in Paris, feel free to contact us. We’ll be delighted to help you.

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wedding in paris

An intimate wedding venue in Paris (a few meters from the Eiffel Tower.

Today, I would like to share with you this beautiful “hotel particulier ” located in Paris, a few meters from the  Place Trocadéro and the Eiffel Tower.


The house is enclosed by a garden  where you can see the Eiffel tower. This wedding venue in Paris is perfect for an intimate wedding (20-50 people) or if you wish to elope and have a ceremony just the 2 of you in a private garden.

elope to paris

Some couples just  rent the house with the garden 2 hours and have their intimate ceremony there,  other ones rent the venue the whole day for their wedding reception. The dining room can welcome up to 20 people for a seated dinner and 50 people for a finger food dinner.

wedding in paris

There is on the second floor a beautiful bedroom that you can rent.

Last but not least, the price for an intimate wedding in Paris is affordable, given the location and the property.

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elope to paris eiffel tower

wedding in paris

Wedding in a beautiful castle close to Paris

Let me describe you this beautiful venue located at 35 minutes from Paris and 45 minutes from Orly airport. The castle is nestled in the heart of a huge wooded park. It’ s the perfect setting for your wedding.

wedding in pariswedding in paris castle

There are 4 reception rooms with different sizes and which  can welcome up to 160 people.

wedding- paris

Each dining room overlooks the stunning French garden designed by the famous  landscape architect André Lenotre (who also designed the park of the Palace of Versailles). Imagine your photo shoot and  pre-dinner drinks  in this beautiful garden.

wedding-in- paris

This venue is also a hotel with 50 bedrooms. You will be able to accommodate a part of your guests coming from all around the world.

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wedding in paris

Elopement in Paris

I receive more and more requests from couples who want to elope to Paris. That’s why I’ve decided to create a new package for elopements and intimate weddings.

intimate ceremony paris

private hotel with garden

In this package we suggest several places in Paris for an intimate ceremony such as a church, a private garden , a boat etc.  We propose a few gourmet restaurants for a romantic dinner , we provide vendors ( hair/make up artists, photographer, cars, bridal bouquet) and we coordinate the wedding day to make sure everything runs smoothly.

intimate wedding dinner paris elope to paris

If you’re planning to elope to Paris, feel free to contact me, I’d be delighted to help you plan this event! ( we also organise elopements in the South of France).

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An elopement in Paris

On January 2nd, I received a special request from Maya and Chris, a lovely couple living in Massachussets. The couple spent their holidays in Paris and they wanted to take advantage of being in the city of love to have a symbolic ceremony.  They have been together for ten years and did an official civil ceremony in US before they came.

Maya asked me if it was possible to organize a symbolic ceremony the next Saturday ( it meant that I had only 3 days to set up everything ).

elopement -paris

Pictures Juliane.B

It was a big challenge to find a photographer, a make-up/hair artist, a florist and a lovely place for an intimate ceremony in a  few days. Moreover, a lot of wedding providers were in holidays at this period and I was not sure to find someone available. As I like challenges, this one was perfect to begin 2013.

elopement-to-paris  Pictures Juliane.B

I didn’t waste one minute and I immediately started searching. I was a little bit stressed but excited at the same time. After two days I finally found all the suppliers; only the place was missing. But I was not worried about that, I had several ideas in mind. I suggested 7 different places in Paris to Maya and John. After a long day of hesitation they picked a park which has a wonderful view of Sacré Coeur. In winter, this place is peaceful and it’s easy to have an intimate ceremony.

elopement to paris

elopement in-paris

On the ceremony day, everything  was perfect and run smoothly.

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An intimate wedding in Paris

Last week-end, I visited this wedding venue in Paris for an American couple. They’re going to get married in September and they want an intimate wedding in the heart of Paris.  As I receive more and more request for intimate weddings in Paris,  I would like to share with you this romantic wedding venue in Paris.

intimate wedding paris

The advantage of this wedding venue is  its location : this prestigious wedding venue is located in the heart of Paris (more exactly in the latin quarter), so all your guests can stay in Paris and discover the city.  This private hotel in Paris is very quiet and offers the perfect setting for an elegant wedding with a Parisian style.

intimate wedding in paris

The second advantage is its garden. It’s not easy to find a wedding venue in the heart of Paris with a lovely garden.

The garden is really charming and perfect for an intimate ceremony or for a pre-dinner drinks. There are 3 private dining room for your wedding dinner.

wedding paris

The smallest one can welcome up to 25-30 people and the biggest one to 80 people.

wedding in paris

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